Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Baby Shower/ Meet Holden Party

We were supposed to have our baby shower on Sat., July 24th. It was funny because my sister was going to originally do it the following Sat. and I told her, I really think you need to change it. You see, I had the date the July 28th in my mind. Well, we got our Travel call on July 16, we had to fly out on July 23rd so, the shower had to be post phoned.If you believe in signs, even if you don't or are skeptical, I know they exist, you just have to be willing to take a step back and put the pieces together. Why July 28th you ask, well, my Mother-in-law had passed away on that date in 2008 and I knew that she would find a way to be included in our journey. July 28th was the day that Holden was placed in our arms forever, some call this "Gotcha Day", "adoption Day", I like to think of this day as "the Day God gave us you". Anyway, my mother-in-law was very sick when she passed and I knew she would find a way to let my husband know that although she may not of approved of his adopting while she was alive, that she would let him know that she now understood and would send her blessing. This may be too deep for some or sound like a lot of jibberish to some but that is ok, I KNOW that she had a hand in this adoption, just like I KNOW my grandpa did.

Anyway, back to the shower, we had it on Aug. 21st and I will tell you, this child is LOVED. There were friends and family that traveled many miles to see him, from each coast here in FL. We also had someone send a gift from out of state to my sister to make sure we had it for his shower.

We had ladies who are great friends with my sister, they know us a little, go out of their way to help make sure our shower was put together and fun. We had family that helped, you could feel the love and just the blessing of having these people in our lives and now in our son's life. We had friends there who have adopted, too bad we did not get a picture of them all, it was like a Benneton (however you spell it) commercial!!

One of the games they played was they out a name on your back, it was a child star, these were people that could still be children or could be grown up, you could ask questions and the first to guess won. Well, I asked if I was a boy or girl, they said boy. I asked have I ever been naked in a movie or anything and they said no. So, I am just standing there and I said, it will be my luck I am Gary Coleman or something and they all started laughing and said, well, actually you are. I won a game at my own shower in a matter of a few minutes, I felt bad, I was just being a smart butt!!!

Well, here are some pictures from our shower, Holden had a blast, he was the hit of the party. I think I only saw my son for about 10 minutes, he is such a little social butterfly!!


  1. Congrats! Wonderful to have so much support and love for your child!

  2. It looks like your shower was a hit! I meant to get you a gift in the mail, but with getting our referral I am so busy I can't see straight!

    Congrats again and look forward to hopefully seeing you at the conference if you are still going to go ahead with that!

    Cheri Lail

  3. Cheri,

    That's very understandable. I KNOW that feeling very well, we only had a week to get things together before traveling, you have some time on your side which is good. I can't wait for you to get your girl!! She is so cute. We are not planning on going to the conference, not sure what we are going to do. We are just leaving things how they are for now.