Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Official!!

Yesterday, we got our final judgement that Holden is now ours forever. We were able to do our court appearance via telephone. It was so awesome. The judge had pictures of us, he commented on how handsome Holden was, the judge also said he could tell that Holden was spoiled because everything he had on matched. LOL, I thought you were supposed to match. Anyway, one of the questions we were asked was if we would treat Holden as if he were a biological child. Of course, we said yes. I was thinking, how else would we treat "OUR SON"??? Then our lawyer said jokingly, this includes even when he is a teenager and you are not too happy with him, the lawyer said, are you still sure. We laughed and said of course!!! So, we went through the questions, there were 7 of them.

Then, the judge says, I see here where you would like a picture of me signing his finalization papers. I said, "yes, please." The judge told our lawyer to give him a minute to take a deep breath, in other words, suck it in!! LOL, I really loved this judge. I can only imagine, being a judge, signing an adoption finalization has got to be one of the joyous things he does. It was just a cute, fun court appearance. What a pleasure the whole thing was. My co-worker was our notary for us, when it was all said and done, she said, please excuse me, this is bringing me to tears. I guess, actually, I know, adoption does that.

Oh, to top off our awesome adoption news, my friend Elisabeth got her travel call yesterday too. How awesome, I knew her sweet daughter and our my son would have a connection. To make it all even sweeter, she will get her daughter forever on Mon. the 28th and that will be our 8 month anniversary of having Holden forever. How sweet it is!!!

I recently heard this, for those with biological children, it is not a knock towards you at all. It takes an act of nature to give birth but an act of God to adopt. Those who have/are adopting understand this. It is like the moon and stars have to align just right and when they do, how beautiful it is.

We love you sweet Holden, you are now considered by the state of FL and the USA, OUR SON!!! We knew you were OUR SON, the moment we saw your face. We are so blessed by you and to have you, we love you sweet boy!!! By the way, Holden is now an American citizen!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Eve of 15 Months

Tomorrow my sweet Holden will be 15 months old. Where has the time gone? What happened to that baby we brought home?? He has turned into such a little boy, he is running every where, he is talking, I am not sure what he is saying. Maybe I should get out my Hangul-english dictionary?? LOL

I have so enjoyed watching him grow, I have had the honor of spending the last month and a half at home with him. It is just amazing how much I have seen him learn in that time. He is getting taller, he has such a personality that at times can be so much bigger than life. I now understand where the idea of animation has come from.

Some of the things Holden can do:

He can take off running before you know it

He loves to drum on everything, including Omma, Appa and the puppies.

He knows where his highchair is. He "prepares it" for me, he moves the straps and brings me the tray when asked if he wants food or fruit.

He knows where his milks (almond milk) is. He goes to the fridge and starts trying to pull on the handle.

He knows where Appa's belly button is, he will pull up Appa's shirt and poke his little finger in Appa's bellybutton.

He can find Appa's nose, he likes to jam his fingers up Appa's nose to the point Holden gave Appa a nose bleed.

He likes to play catch with the puppies.

He has finally gotten to a point where he gives Omma and Appa kisses and not just hugs.

He likes to say "heeeeyyyyyy" in his cute little voice.

So, Holden, on the eve of your turning 15 months, Omma and Appa want you to know that we love you whole heartedly and you are the perfect little chaos in our lives. You are the one we needed to remind us how to be young again and that life is to be enjoyed, we love seeing the world through your eyes.

We only ask one thing, slow down, quit growing and changing so fast!! We want to enjoy every minute we have with you. We cherish you and the joy you bring to our lives. Please, never forget how to laugh and play, these are the things that seem to go first when we become adults. Son, you continue to amaze us, we are so blessed to have you in our lives. We love you forever and always!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

6 Months

Yesterday was 6 months since Holden was placed in our arms. I was really hoping we would of heard something from his foster family by now. I still remember the last time we saw them, the FM (foster mother) placed him in our arms forever as we got in the elevator, as I looked out, I could see the FS (foster sister) still crying. It was a heart wrenching, joyous day. I always wonder if Holden has a recollection of what happened. Yesterday, I was getting gas, I always turn the keys to where the air and radio are on but the engine is not turned over. Anyway, he was sitting in his seat and then, it seemed as though he was starting to panic, he could not see me and I think that scared him. I am sure this would be the reaction of any 14 month old child but, as an AP (adoptive Parent), I always wonder what is going through his head.

I can't imagine being with someone whom you rely on to meet ALL of your needs for 6 months and then being handed to someone new and WONDERING IF they will meet your needs? I mean, they don't speak the same language as the last person, you are in a different country and you have NO CLUE what is going on or what to expect. I know that my son has adjusted well but, the momma inside me always wonders what he is thinking about different situations. I try to put myself in his shoes and think about his experiences and with that, I draw on it all to help me get him calm.

I still pray for Holden's FM, FS and BP (Birth Parents), I always pray that they find peace and know that Holden is loved. So, if that means the FM has to step back and make no contact in order to do so, then I guess I have to accept that.

So, as I sit here and write this, I know it sounds like I may be an overprotective and spoiling mother but, I know what my son's "issues" and what his "history" is. I feel that in order for ME to be a good mother, I have to step back at times and think about my son and all of his "experiences" thus far. If that makes me an overprotective and spoiling mother then, I guess I am!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today, I am full of wonder. I am wondering what this year will bring, what I will be doing as far as job wise this year. I am wondering why I see so many other families receive notes, pictures and gifts for their babies from the foster families and my son has not received anything. I wonder if the goodbye letters that were written by the foster family is their "goodbye"? Wondering how you can be so quiet for so long to a child that you loved, cherished and took care of for 6 very important months of his life. Wondering how you can go on without him and how I will explain the silence to him. Wondering if he will ever hear from his foster family. Wondering if you are too busy or too sad to send a little "hello". I am wondering how to deal with this myself, much less how my son will deal with it later. I have questions about it all, it's no wonder he will too. Wondering if it is possible that a mother's heart can break for a child that may not ever really remember his foster family. I wonder if my wondering is just a waste of time and energy. Now, I wonder, do any of you have suggestions of what to do???

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have been MIA for a long time. I (we) have had so much going on it has just been so crazy. We had a good Christmas, it was not quite the one I pictured but Holden knew no difference. I must say, I am so fortunate to have him as my son. Some mornings I wake up, look into his face and wonder how God could give me such a wonderful gift. Other mornings, I wake up and look at Holden's little face and think. "you are such a little stinker!".

My poor baby has not been well the last few days and luckily my mother's instinct has been kicking in tell me he may have an allergy to milk. So, for now, i have put him on almond milk and will try introducing dairy products again at a later date when I feel it is "safe" to do so. Holden's poor little system needs a rest. He has been throwing up and had diarrhea, I am going to make an appointment with a nutritionist so I can make sure he gets all the good fats and proteins he needs.

Pretty soon, I will have the gift of time. I will have time to spend with my son, time to figure out exactly what his diet should be and possibly time to take a few courses. I have to think of this as a gift, as it was not planned or anticipated but it is happening so, it has to be a gift from God.

So, that is what is happening here, what's going on in your neck of the woods??