Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Official!!

Yesterday, we got our final judgement that Holden is now ours forever. We were able to do our court appearance via telephone. It was so awesome. The judge had pictures of us, he commented on how handsome Holden was, the judge also said he could tell that Holden was spoiled because everything he had on matched. LOL, I thought you were supposed to match. Anyway, one of the questions we were asked was if we would treat Holden as if he were a biological child. Of course, we said yes. I was thinking, how else would we treat "OUR SON"??? Then our lawyer said jokingly, this includes even when he is a teenager and you are not too happy with him, the lawyer said, are you still sure. We laughed and said of course!!! So, we went through the questions, there were 7 of them.

Then, the judge says, I see here where you would like a picture of me signing his finalization papers. I said, "yes, please." The judge told our lawyer to give him a minute to take a deep breath, in other words, suck it in!! LOL, I really loved this judge. I can only imagine, being a judge, signing an adoption finalization has got to be one of the joyous things he does. It was just a cute, fun court appearance. What a pleasure the whole thing was. My co-worker was our notary for us, when it was all said and done, she said, please excuse me, this is bringing me to tears. I guess, actually, I know, adoption does that.

Oh, to top off our awesome adoption news, my friend Elisabeth got her travel call yesterday too. How awesome, I knew her sweet daughter and our my son would have a connection. To make it all even sweeter, she will get her daughter forever on Mon. the 28th and that will be our 8 month anniversary of having Holden forever. How sweet it is!!!

I recently heard this, for those with biological children, it is not a knock towards you at all. It takes an act of nature to give birth but an act of God to adopt. Those who have/are adopting understand this. It is like the moon and stars have to align just right and when they do, how beautiful it is.

We love you sweet Holden, you are now considered by the state of FL and the USA, OUR SON!!! We knew you were OUR SON, the moment we saw your face. We are so blessed by you and to have you, we love you sweet boy!!! By the way, Holden is now an American citizen!!


  1. Congratulations! So excited for your family! We're still waiting for that act of God. I saw on facebook that you told Elisabeth about the 28th - so cool!!! :) Congrats!

  2. congrats on your adoption!! We would love to talk to you about the agency you used and any other bits of advice you have for a couple just starting the journey! We LOVE the name Holden!! My email is Libby.Mondello@gmail.com! We look forward to hearing from you!