Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Eve of 15 Months

Tomorrow my sweet Holden will be 15 months old. Where has the time gone? What happened to that baby we brought home?? He has turned into such a little boy, he is running every where, he is talking, I am not sure what he is saying. Maybe I should get out my Hangul-english dictionary?? LOL

I have so enjoyed watching him grow, I have had the honor of spending the last month and a half at home with him. It is just amazing how much I have seen him learn in that time. He is getting taller, he has such a personality that at times can be so much bigger than life. I now understand where the idea of animation has come from.

Some of the things Holden can do:

He can take off running before you know it

He loves to drum on everything, including Omma, Appa and the puppies.

He knows where his highchair is. He "prepares it" for me, he moves the straps and brings me the tray when asked if he wants food or fruit.

He knows where his milks (almond milk) is. He goes to the fridge and starts trying to pull on the handle.

He knows where Appa's belly button is, he will pull up Appa's shirt and poke his little finger in Appa's bellybutton.

He can find Appa's nose, he likes to jam his fingers up Appa's nose to the point Holden gave Appa a nose bleed.

He likes to play catch with the puppies.

He has finally gotten to a point where he gives Omma and Appa kisses and not just hugs.

He likes to say "heeeeyyyyyy" in his cute little voice.

So, Holden, on the eve of your turning 15 months, Omma and Appa want you to know that we love you whole heartedly and you are the perfect little chaos in our lives. You are the one we needed to remind us how to be young again and that life is to be enjoyed, we love seeing the world through your eyes.

We only ask one thing, slow down, quit growing and changing so fast!! We want to enjoy every minute we have with you. We cherish you and the joy you bring to our lives. Please, never forget how to laugh and play, these are the things that seem to go first when we become adults. Son, you continue to amaze us, we are so blessed to have you in our lives. We love you forever and always!!

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