Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Monday I wen and met with Holden's pediatrician. She is such an awesome person. She had a list ready for me with what I needed to take and dosages for medicines that he might need while over there, based on his age and weight. She spent an hour with me, her staff was great, they squeezed me in last minute.

So....... I have this list and I run and grab a bite and then head to Target. I was walking in and she was walking in at the same time. She asked me if I had anymore questions and I said, "no, I just have this list of things to get from the pediatrician I just saw." She laughed and said, "grab a cart and come on." I thought ok, this could get interesting. So, I did as she requested and she took me down the aisles and started tossing things in my basket saying, "you need this, you need this, gotta have this."

What did I think?? I thought thank God, I would have been here for hours trying to figure it all out. I thanked her once again and she wished me a safe trip and was on her way to do her shopping. All I could think was I don't know of any Dr's in today's world that would have done what she did. I feel so fortunate that I found her. She has been able to keep me level headed and focused on what to pack and what to do in different scenarios we could encounter.


  1. Awesome! You picked a good ped! :) Can't wait to hear about your trip. Travel safely!

  2. She's awesome! You have a great doctor!