Monday, July 12, 2010

Working Hard

Rob and I have been working very hard on getting everything done!! We worked on Holden's new closet system tonight, will finish that tomorrow, a week from today, the guys are coming to do the floors, that will be a 2-day thing. I can't wait to get those floors in so I can really get Holden's room together.

We have a lot left to do, I wanted to have everything done a month ahead of time and then just kick back and wait. I get questions all the time about why we are waiting until the last minute. I could say, because we were just waiting but truthfully, I did not want to have to walk by an empty nursery for months on end. So, my answer to that question is to keep my self preservation, some might not understand that and others will "get it". Each one of us walk this journey in different ways and having tried to have a child and then joining the adoption roller coaster, 6 long years later, I can finally do a nursery for a son that is OURS. He is waiting for us to come bring him HOME, that is one feeling I will never forget.

So, yes we put it off and put it off but by doing so, I have been able to stay sane and now I can really ENJOY the excitement of putting my son's nursery together. This is helping the days fly by and thank GOD for that or else I would be going crazy from waiting to hold my son!!!


  1. Enjoy your "nesting" time! :) So exciting! Hope that Holden is home in your arms soon!

  2. so thrilled for you guys! that's how we are... putting it off and putting it off, but i think i'd rather be super busy later than twiddling my thumbs at the end!